Fair Housing Activity Statement

Recognizing that each jurisdiction is unique, this Fair Housing Activity Statement of Texas is intended to be used in conjunction with the Analysis of Impediments, Phase I as a form to:
  • Communicate their plans to the State of Texas and the Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Help the applying jurisdictions perform assessments of their impediments to fair housing choice
  • Plan actions to address identified impediments
beginning to fill out this form, each jurisdiction should:
  1. Participate in the regional Fair Housing Activity Statement of Texas (FHAST) form training
  2. Review the 2010 Texas Interim Phase I AI in detail
  3. Gather relevant information (see instructions in Appendix A)
  4. Convene a FHAST Working Group to assess the data collected in number 2 and fill out the FHAST form (see instructions in Appendix A)
Housing and Health Services Coordination Council
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