Republic Waste Services

Bulky Trash

Bulky trash pick-up is any item that will not properly fit inside of your cart, and or requires special attention. Small brush piles and yard waste are considered bulky trash. 
Items that will not be picked up on standard scheduled service include televisions and Freon-free appliances.


95-gallon plastic carts provided by Republic Waste Services. Each cart has a serial number that will be registered to your address upon delivery. Residential trash services will be limited to cart contents only. Any items placed outside of the cart, or in your own trash cans will not be collected. If you find that 1 cart will not fit the needs of your family, you will need to order an additional cart for $4.21 per month.

Residents are responsible for their carts. If your cart is stolen or damaged beyond repair, you will be expected to pay $95 for the purchase of a new cart.

Pick-up Days

  • East of Bayou Road: Monday and Thursday
  • West of Bayou Road: Tuesday and Friday
The following subdivisions will have Monday and Thursday pick-up:
  • Borondo Pines
  • Delany Cove
  • Painted Meadows
  • Prairie Knoll
  • Salt Grass Crossing