Citizen Forms


Citizen Suggestions/Complaints

On this form you can file the following complaints or suggestions: Water/Sewer Leak, Road Damage/Pothole, Garbage Pickup Problem, Streetlight Burned Out, Traffic Signal/Sign Problem, Thanks/Compliments, Suggestions, or Other Problems. You are not required to leave your name, address, phone number, or email address. You only need to leave this information if you feel that you may need to be contacted regarding the issue you have reported.


Channel 16 Listings

The City of La Marque Municipal Access Channel is broadcast on TimeWarner Cable TV Channel 16. It is used to inform our residents of important City related information. This channel is also one of the primary sources for updated information during disasters affecting the area including chemical incidents and natural disasters such as hurricanes. The La Marque Independent School District uses this channel as well for educational related content. Local civic, religious, and non-profit groups are also welcome to have announcements aired on the channel. All content must be submitted and approved prior to being aired.


Police Records Request Form - download -  This form is being supplied by the La Marque Police Department to fulfill the written requirement of a records request.


Police Interest Form


Litter Tip Program Form



Children's Birthday Party Visits



Police House Check Request Form - download


Alarm Permit Ordinance - download


Alarm Permit Commercial Application - download


Alarm Permit Residential Application - download


Fair Housing Activity Statement - Texas


Application for Boards and Commission